Dental implant jawbone graft

The entire maturity skeletal exist in a state of dynamic, constantly destroyed and re-created by the bone cells. Bone function include:

Porcelain cover for teeth.

Porcelain cover are usually made ​​for tooth ( have base) that needed cover by. Teeth should be grinding and wrapped around by porcelain crowns.

whitening service

Whitening is a new trend of ladies to own radiant smile. Before whitening, you should go to the dental clinic for consultation, and to treat oral diseases such as tooth decay, they have teeth, cracked teeth ... to avoid damage during whitening procedure..

The process of orthodontic consulting

Orthodontic treatment is a process that requires a long time. Therefore, the orthodontist should have sufficient information necessary to plan treatment and predict completion time as well as post-treatment results. To do this required a very meticulous and scientific treatment process.

Reshape Tetra infected tooth by Verneer.

Verneer is the thin layer of porcelain, which are pasted onto the outside of the front teeth, like paint nails.

Causes of bad breath

Human's mouth is moist environment, conducive to bacterial growth. Oral cavity contains millions of bacteria that causes most of the symptoms of bad breath.

Cosmetic sealants

The cosmetic sealants with the same color as the color of natural teeth to help restore shape, even help to cover down some enamel defects. Then a Composite layer colored like tooth-color coating teeth with a special adhesive dentistry.

Defective smiles

Smile is an emotional expression in subtle way of human. Through smiles, people may know your feelings.

Note how to hygiene the denture

After each meal, remove the dentures, hygiene and sanitation gums 2 times one day.

Teeth grinding disabilities treatment

Teeth grinding disabilities Treatment to prevent dental injuries zone and reduce pain in chewing muscles of the face. Depending on the causes of teeth grinding is appropriate regimen

Avoiding pulpal death during fixed prosthodontic procedures

Avoiding pulpal death during fixed prosthodontic procedures", Gordon J. Cristensen, JADA, Vol. 133, November 2002: 1563 - 1564)

Gingivitis - Causes and treatments

Common causes: Build-up of bacterial plaque on the teeth, adjacent gingivae, and pockets between teeth and gums, releasing toxins that cause an inflammatory response (most common species involved are Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria—Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans andPorphyromonas gingivalis)

Lancinating without pain

Lancinating or tooth sensitivity is a common phenomenon called dentin hypersensitivity

Mandibular joint pain

Usually pain in front of ear, hearing the cry in joints when mouth open, no big mouth, propped open or not skewed to one side smooth, fatigue function ...

Tooth decay - Causes and prevention

Normally tooth decay due to unclean: there are many bacteria that stick around. Bacteria as much as carbohydrate foods.

Method for infants with cleft lip slot or slots cleft palate feeding or eating without choking

Keep infant in a sitting position, use of perforated slightly larger holes nipples and milk stream flowing to the side of his mouth.

Dental Care for prevent premature

Only in the UK, each year, about 40,000 children are born before the 37th week, increasing the risk of diseases related to the respiratory, intestinal, vision, hearing, cerebral palsy and even death

Care and cleaning dentures

After each meal, remove the dentures, hygiene and sanitation gums 2 times one day.

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