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No.5 international Dental clinic with X-Smart intelligent endodontic systems supplied by Dentsply, the world-renowned dental device corporations , It helped dentist today more like endodontic work, because with the X-Smart machine, clean the pulp tissue inflammation, necrosis becomes softer, safer, optimal results compared with endodontic techniques by hand or by older generation.




Get tartar ultrasound machine (Dentsply):




Lime tap the latest generation ultrasound helps gently polish teeth, gums do not hurt and take a long stick stains from smoking, taking gentle tartar, fast, clean and polish teeth glue.





Sandblasting machine - Air Polishing: machine sanding machine used effectively in teeth and enamel pitting defects that the scaling is not clean.


Meter length of canal Propex II (Dentsply):



Meter length of canal newest generation helps pinpoint (over 95%) required length of the canal. In other gauges get wet when the canal is difficult to measure accurately, whereas in machine Propex II (Dentsply) can be measured completely in the canal environment whether wet or dry.




Machine intelligence endodontic X-Smart:

With endodontic systems intelligent X-Smart is supplied from the device corporations world-renowned dental Dentsply helped the dentist today prefer endodontic work because thanks to this machine the X-Smart clean cord tissue inflammation, necrosis becomes softer, safer, optimal results compared with endodontic techniques by hand or by machine older generation. Time also fell more than 50% compared with the previous, and especially can complete even getting in on the patient marrow.


Bleaching System Lumacool Densply new generation of cold light source, with super fast speed bleach: 3 x 8 minutes = removal within 24 minutes, bleached quickly, safely and comfortably, minimizing the sensitivity, giving unexpected results for you.

image022.jpg image024.jpg

Patients will not feel uncomfortable because of the time exposed to bleach happening very quickly, minimizing the impact on soft tissue, the affected teeth and root canals of patients to the lowest level.

Advanced lighting controls, both patients and doctors are able to monitor the treatment time due to the time display on the lights. Time has been set before the eight minutes.

Teeth whitening procedure is simple Lumacool. Lumacool light will bleach activator drug sweep up the teeth, making the teeth whitening process is fast and easy. After 8 minutes, turn off the lights, take the old drugs, new drugs applied to the teeth and phototherapy. This process was repeated 3 times. bleach eventually be removed completely. You can be confident with your smile.

Bleaching System LITEX685W with high intense light energy plasma, your teeth will quickly white and long-term stability.

image026.jpg image028.jpg

  • Plasma light bleaching operation mechanism using light energy to activate a powerful disinfectant, and equipped with the large light bleaching effect at the same time for both functions to shorten the maximum removal , provides the best performance.




Lamps cosmetic fillings:




Equipped for each treatment chair, quick convenience, each with window lights light intensity is measured separately to help control the Doctor has always been the life of the bulb, ensure safety for aesthetic restorations.




Halogen light system generation wireless, fillings Composite materials provided fine particle fillers from famous brands results in hard restorations and long-worn, long color changes, such as aesthetic teeth.

Handpiece System, diamond drill bit high, just right to take away the damaged tissue dentin, tooth preserving maximum tissue heal, help minimize the sensitivity and marrow tissue damage.

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