• Tooth decay - Causes and prevention

Normally tooth decay due to unclean: there are many bacteria that stick around. Bacteria as much as carbohydrate foods.

Tooth decay can also be caused by tooth enamel defects . The enamel in acid soluble components by mineral composition in the surface enamel . Enamel surface has sunken , deep groove , easy to work brushing food but difficult to clean . Food is a source of nutrition of bacteria, acid causes cavities in the hollow groove .

How to prevent

To prevent tooth decay , acid suppresses the individual pieces on the tooth surface , which means reducing the amount of bacteria and carbohydrates present on the surface of teeth , should implement the following measures

- Brush teeth thoroughly ( properly brush method ) after meals and before bed .

- Eating the right way , not too drips snacks throughout the day , lunch not suck , suck on candy , milk bottle in bed , ... Eat sweets after a meal , then brush your teeth .

- Put caries vaccine

- Periodic dental check January 6 times .

Where should orthodontic tooth decay by strengthening tooth decay prevention by :

- Oral hygiene closer , notice the braces . If you need to buy separate brushes for orthodontic patients . Regional teeth flossing should take food books . Where do not floss through the brush or toothpick to take out food particles left on the teeth for .

Sealing up holes occlusal grooves

- If the tooth surface that appear as patches of white chalk board , which is at an early stage of decay . Should see a doctor immediately for treatment.


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