• Periodontics - Dangerous disease

Periodontal is disease of the tissues surrounding the teeth. If untreated, the disease progresses leading to tooth loss. Periodontal disease progresses slowly, with no signs of anything special, no pain or less pain, many people often overlook. However, the consequences caused by periodontal disease is particularly serious, if diagnosed and treated early can reduce the risk of tooth loss.

The main cause of periodontitis is the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the plaque or leftovers remaining in the teeth , where you can not clean it. If not removed soon , the plaque on the teeth for it to continue . Plaque stimulate the gums , causing inflammation of the gums red , friable , swollen , bleeding while brushing teeth , use toothpicks . Long , hardened plaque and tartar is called . Calculus can not be removed by regular brushing , which can only be cleaned by the dental treatment with special instruments .

Periodontal changes often through 2 stages : gingivitis and periodontitis . At this stage of the gum infection , if treated promptly , the disease will be healed .

Gingivitis is the ability to recover , but if left untreated , can progress to periodontitis gingival connective tissue to the teeth are destroyed . When there will be pockets form between the teeth and gums ( called periodontal pockets ) . The harmful bacteria in plaque and tartar buildup continues in the periodontal pockets , tooth to the bones supporting objectives lead to loose teeth , mouth odors .


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