• Sealant to prevent tooth decay

Typically, 80% concentrated in the pit cavity chewing surface grooves, the lower jaw teeth, thought the teeth of the upper jaw.

The depth pit ,difficult to pull up food, difficult to brush is the ideal place for bacteria to reside .

Since the 1970s , dental caries in developed countries significantly reduced , corresponding to the period sealant combination with measures of fluoride to prevent tooth decay .

Sealant material is a polymer resin coated slotted mounting holes chewing surfaces of your teeth , stick pretty sure the tooth surface by microscopic systems made ​​up with dilute acid . Bacteria inside the pit trench isolation with oral environment , no food so that bacteria can not work , does not cause tooth decay is .

The most important reason for filling sealant is used to prevent tooth decay .

Typically , Fluo quality in toothpaste and in drinking water is to protect the polished surface of the outer teeth for example , the inner surface . But the last teeth to chew fish tend to have slotted holes can form naturally under special teeth , or if for some reason the tooth surface becomes rough , rough very vulnerable to bacteria and food sticking stick that toothbrush can not take them away from it. if food and bacteria trapped and stored in surface pits and grooves like a long enough time , the destruction of tooth enamel and dentin will occur , leading to cavities are formed and grow more . Therefore, users Sealant coating that prevents the effects of bacterial accumulation and food , to prevent tooth decay . In this way also saves time and cost to fill caries , root canal treatment and crowns a big break when the tooth can cause pain and risk of spit .

The object should be filled to prevent:

- When the teeth of children , especially new permanent teeth grow , enamel calcification is not complete , easy to caries sealant is the best approach , in collaboration with other measures flour to create interaction , as well strength of enamel to acid tightly , seal the defect sunken trench , protecting teeth from deep safety .

- Youth and adult atopic prone to tooth decay

The teeth have slotted holes , deep holes and narrow food hard to get clean brush .

People with weak tooth enamel , tooth decay thin easy even an adult .

The decay of the high- risk group due to illness in particular : the saliva dry , radiation therapy to the head and neck ...


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