• Solution for unclean marrow

Some time after the dentures that were aching and swelling in the gums where the teeth, on the gum that had a white bumps

These symptoms may indicate that your bone marrow is not taken or have unsatisfactory treatment but should lead to an infection, creating an pus in the tooth root tip false ones. Although medication can stop pain after a while but this is not so for many reasons: if the patient can not really just taking off, ill be repeated several times in the jaw and pus will increasingly grows and can cause harm to the neighboring healthy teeth, not to mention the drug (no prescription) drug resistance leading to difficult to treat later. So should the dental clinic to be treated as soon as possible.

Since the treatment, but not to break the dentures were made​​, this can be done by surgical measures (a minor surgery with local anesthesia). But it is the decision of the examining physician based on specific dental condition and overall health to achieve the best treatment results.


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