• Dental caries

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, bacterial fermentation of carbohydrate foods create acid. Acid soluble minerals create holes in the tooth enamel surface called cavities

Tooth decay can also be caused by tooth enamel defects. The enamel in acid soluble components by mineral composition in the surface enamel. Enamel surface has sunken, deep groove, easy to work brushing food but difficult to clean. Food is a source of nutrition of bacteria, acid causes cavities in the hollow groove. 

How to prevent ?

To prevent tooth decay, acid suppresses the individual pieces on the tooth surface, which means reducing the amount of bacteria and carbohydrates present on the surface of teeth, should implement the following measures 

Brush teeth thoroughly (properly brush method) after meals and before bed. 

Eating the right way, not too drips snacks throughout the day, lunch not suck, suck on candy, milk bottle in bed, ... Eat sweets after a meal, then brush your teeth. 

Put caries vaccine 

Dental periodicals January 6 times. 

Where should orthodontic tooth decay by strengthening tooth decay prevention by: 

Dental Hygiene closer, notice the braces. If you need to buy separate brushes for orthodontic patients. Regional teeth flossing should take food books. Where do not floss through the brush or toothpick to take out food particles left on the teeth for. 
Sealing up holes occlusal grooves 

If the tooth surface that appear as patches of white chalk board, which is at an early stage of decay. Should see a doctor immediately for treatment.


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