• Eating yogurt prevent gingivitis

Eating yogurt and lactic acid foods will help fight inflammation beneficial long-term consequences that can lead to permanent tooth loss, the Japanese researchers claim.

Dr. Yoshihiro Shimazaki and colleagues found that eating yogurt and drinking water of lactic acid will bring unexpected health benefits for the area surrounding the tooth. "But milk and cheese do not," Shimazaki said. 

The disease that is usually surrounded by bacteria, leading to falling interest (the root surface revealed by the movement of the tip of the tooth's benefit) and tooth loss in adults. In addition to brushing and using dental floss regularly, very few methods available to help limit the disease. 

Previous studies have shown that people who eat more foods derived from milk less disease around the tooth but does not specify a particular type of product benefits most clearly. 

Shimazaki's team conducted a follow-up of 942 people aged 40-70, all with the food habits such as milk, cheese and other foods containing lactic acid. In addition, the factors of age, sex, smoking habits, alcohol drinking, regular brushing, blood sugar and cholesterol levels were also considered. The results showed that people with gum disease also often eat less lactic acid foods than others.


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